Playlist: Christmas

For the past few years I really haven’t been able to get myself into the Christmas spirit. I can’t even bring myself to set up my Christmas tree this year. Usually the day after Thanksgiving I whip out my tree and start decorating. Today I did set up my Christmas tree…well I took it out of the box and put it in front of the window. I still can’t bother to put any lights or decorations up. I have no idea why as each year goes by I get less and less into the spirit of Christmas.

So I put together a list of Christmas songs that will hopefully put you in the Christmas spirit if you aren’t…and hopefully will get me in the spirit.

What’s your favorite Christmas song?


Playlist: November

collegeI am quite music obsessed and have quite an eclectic music taste.I listen to anything from Pop to Electronic So, I figured I’d share a few of my favorite bands and artists I’ve currently been listening to.

1. Taylor Swift – 1989. Like everyone else I’ve been absolutely obsessed with Taylor’s new album! I’ve never been a really big fan of Taylor but I can’t stop listening to it! Seriously, all the songs have been on repeat since I’ve purchased it. I’ve been loving “Blank Space,” “Clean,” and “Wonderland.”

2. Echosmith – Talking Dreams. I was quite impressed with this album. I thought that after their song “Cool Kids” was such a hit that the rest of their songs wouldn’t be as good. I was WRONG! The whole album is absolutely amazing. Most of their songs are upbeat and catchy. Check out “March Into The Sun,” “Bright,” and “Tell Her You Love Her.” Tell Her You Love Her is such a beautiful song!

3. Aquilo – My best friend introduced me to this band and I’ve fall in love. I’ve been listening to “You There.” They have a new album coming out and I can not wait!

4. Röyksopp – I remember first listening to them when I was in college in ’08. A guy I was talking to at the time made me listen to their music. I had ” What else is there?” on repeat. It’s quite an interesting sound I think. Definitely different to most of the music I usually listen to but I am loving their album! Take a listen to “Momentum” and ” Sordid Affair.”

5.Sam Hunt – Montvello. I have been a fan of Sam Hunt for quite some time and was so excited when I heard he was finally releasing an album. Sam Hunt has wrote songs for Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney and a few other artists. He is a bit of r&b, country, and pop. Different sound than most country music out there. The whole album is definitely worth of a listen.

6. Tove Lo – Queen of the Clouds – Honestly the first time I heard “Habits (Stay High) on the radio I thought it was Miley. No Joke! I then went home to check the song out and noticed, well it wasn’t Miley. I checked out Tove’s album and was impressed. The album is about love and heartbreak. If you haven’t checked out her album, take a listen to “My Gun,” “Talking Body” and “This Time Around”

What have you been listening to lately? What are some of your favorite bands?