Flaws are funny things!

Flaws are funny things. They are something all of us have but, all of us pretend that we don’t. Sometimes the hardest thing is seeing the good in people who seem so incredibly flawed. You have to see the world from somebody else’s perspective and understand why they do the things that they do; whether you agree with them or not. That really caused me to reflect on myself and think about the way I see the world. It made me realize that I still have a lot of flaws and that’s not a bad thing. It’s just something that I need to be actively aware of and I think it is something everyone should be aware of. So, when I was thinking about the good and bad in other people, I was also thought of the good and bad in myself. I think my biggest flaw is finding the flaws in others too quickly and voicing those flaws a little too loudly. Being able to recognize this is half the battle. Looking at who you are internally is so important. When I was younger I had such a huge ego and that’s something most young people have.   You’re not used to the world and how it works, and 99% of the time you’re wrong and you end up realizing, “wait I actually was wrong.” And when you’re young, you think you have it all figured out and as I’ve gotten older and older, I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with not knowing anything. I think it’s great to not know anything, to have an open mind, to be able to shift and change your opinions with what you learn. I think being able to take in other people’s views and thought processes and just look at the world through somebody else’s eyes and have that help shape the way you see it, is an amazing thing. I think making decisions for yourself is really important as well but, self-love and self-acceptance is too. Self-reflection is just as important. I think it is something that you continuously struggle with. I’ve really come to terms with the fact that even as I’ve gotten older and have slowly grown out of the “know it all” phase that everybody goes through, I still have a big ego sometimes. I still think I’m the best at certain things or I’ll hear somebody else’s thought process or point of view and think “okay, they are crazy! They don’t know anything!” That is something I’m working on. It is normal to have self-love and self-acceptance and to have a ton of self-pride. I think people sometimes confuse being confident, with being egotistical. We are all born with a blank slate, that’s why seeing the world from childrens’ eyes is so amazing! Nothing is tainted for them and they think everything is so great and so amazing. As you get older you’re beaten down and it is almost as society wants you to be pitiful and feel sorry for yourself and to be down on yourself and anybody who has self-confidence, well, you’re just full of yourself! I think there is a happy balance and I’m definitely still figuring out where that happy balance lies. Being open-minded, realizing your flaws and finding ways to somewhat fix them but, also realizing that it is okay to be flawed, it’s okay to be a work in progress, is something that I think is really important. We can only become better people by realizing what we need to work on.