Rant: Nicole Arbour “Dear Fat People”

I don’t even know where to begin with this. I know she does it for “satire” or to be “funny.” I get it Nicole Arbour you’re trying to be “funny,” I get it with your “controversial humor.” I do appreciate controversial humor to an extent. I see you with your Jenna Marbles hair going on and you’re trying to make it on Youtube. There are A LOT of girls out there who don’t even have ONE positive role model in their life and TONS of girls who suffer from eating disorders (me being one.) There are girls out there who will watch this video and it will honestly destroy their life. Words aren’t just words, they carry meanings, they can destory people or build them up. Your words can honestly affect sooo many people. There are tons of people who commit suicide because they don’t feel like they are good enough because people like YOU! They think because they aren’t “beautiful” by someone else’s “standard” of beauty that they are inadequate and that life is not worth living because they aren’t “pretty enough” or “skinny enough.” I hate how people who have NEVER been overweight think they know what it is like. You’ve never faced the daily struggles…YOU HAVE NO FUCKING IDEA! You don’t understand their health history, you are not their doctor. Their body is not up for discussion PERIOD. It’s very obvious you wanted to get attention from this video. I know you want this video to be virally shared. YOU ARE A BULLY! You have such a HUGE platform to change people lives and yet you chose it for negativity. You chose to use it to potentially destroy someone’s life. You can still be funny without being A FUCKING BULLY. What also pisses me off is the fact that YOU think, whoever is obese that watches this video will be moved to start losing weight. I’m sorry but to be the REASON that someone loses weight, when you are so negative is absolutely disgusting! Also the ‪#‎effyourbeautystandard‬ hashtag is NOT an excuse for people to EAT and be overweight. It was created for body positivity! It’s a community based on loving yourself and being HEALTHY! It saves peoples lives of those who want to commit suicide because they don’t think they are good enough because they aren’t skinny or pretty. They don’t encourage unhealthy eating! I honestly hope you change your mind set because there are two ways you can leave this world, influencing others or being a total fucking bully! YOU ARE HONESTLY SO FUCKING DISGUSTING. To anyone who suffers with confidence and loving yourself, always remember that you’re beautiful for being YOU…not because you’re thin or you have pink fucking hair or because of your makeup. You’re beautiful by the kind word you put out, by the way you make people feel, by the kind things you do for people. Your weight has nothing to do with how beautiful you are!


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