Favorites: Blogs

Lately, I’ve been REALLY into reading blogs. I’ve decided to share a few that I’ve been obsessed with from beauty to food blogs.

Ghost Parties – I find myself just laying in bed reading her blog posts for hours. I love her “Makeup Medleys” where she shows you what she keeps in her monthly makeup bag. I also LOVE her photography!



I’ve been reading Carrie’s blog for quite some time and LOVE her fashion. I just wish I could raid her closet!


Shell Chic’d

A new blog I recently found and I’ve been quite obsessed with reading. I’m originally from New England so when I read her blog posts…it makes me miss living there. Not to mention she might be a Patriots fan! Go PATS!


Dinosaur Dances

Another recent find! I love her fashion posts and her food posts! Her food posts honestly make my mouth water!


I am a food blog 

I don’t even think I need to say anything about this blog. Just take a look for yourself!


Thumbelina Lillie

One of my favorite ALL time blogs. I love her beauty posts and her photography is always SPOT ON! Not to mention she is absolutely gorgeous!


The College Prepster

Another blogger from the North that makes me miss back home! Her blog ranges from fashion to lifestyle. Her dog Teddy is absolutely adorable!


What are some of your favorite blogs?


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