Haul: Bath and Body Works

Ah, finally I’m back! Feels a bit weird having a computer after going about 3 months without one. I attempted to write a post on my phone but gave up about half way through. hahaha.

A couple weeks ago I walked into Bath and Body Works to smell a few of their spring items. Let me tell you, it is a bit hard to walk in there and not buy anything. I picked up a few of their wallflower scents.


Aloha Waikiki – An exquisite fusion of Plumeria petals, Taire blossoms and a hint of sugar cane that transports you to the big island. I absolutely love floral scents for spring/summer and love sweet scents, so this is the best of both words..not to floral, not to sweet

Oceanside A blend of sun-ripened citrus, juicy melon and refreshing ocean air brings you to a perfect day on the shore. It’s a very light scent, smells like clean cotton with a slight fruity smell…smells very clean!

Beach Cabana – The air under a beach cabana is filled with fragrant, sweet jasmine, orange blossom and a hint of fluffy white towels. This scent smells just like summer by the pool. Flowers and sunscreen haha. I fell in love with this scent last year and was quite excited to see it come back this year!

Rio Glow A tantalizing blend of tropical mango, papaya and guava as vibrant as Rio’s Carnival. 

Spring –  A delicate blend of light rain, yellow daisy, daffodil and sycamore woods that contains the freshness of the season. Honestly my favorite scent…I sadly couldn’t wait to take a picture, I came home and put it right in my wallflower. I walk into my room and it smells just like a rainy spring day. So amazing!


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