Popsugar & Birchbox: December

Ah December…my favorite month of the year sadly, for subscription boxes it wasn’t.

I recently subscribed to Popsugar and was hoping that for $40 a month, the boxes would be nothing less than amazing..man I was wrong. If anyone else receives Popsugar you’d know exactly what I’m talking about!

This month’s Popsugar was filled with not one…but TWO boxes of Ghiradelli chocolate, caramel popcorn, wrapping paper, plastic wine cups. The best part was probably the necklace and the mascara. The worst part is that I didn’t receive the supposed $110 necklace or the mascara. Really? C’mon Popsugar…all your boxes are the same..how could you forget not 1 but 2 items out of someones box? I did email them letting them know that I didn’t recieve them and they were more than happy to send them to me.

Last but not least…Birchbox. This month’s box contained nothing but foil packages and duplicate items for me. You would think that being a holiday box they’d give good size samples and nothing duplicate. I mean I know it is only worth $10 but seriously? Items I’ve already received.

I’m so unimpressed with both companies for their holiday boxes. I was really looking forward to both of them this month and hoping that they would be amazing.

*Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post but, my poor laptop died and I won’t be getting another until February or March and I really wanted to get a post up.*

How was your Birchbox or Popsugar? Did you enjoy them?


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