Favorites: October!

The month of October has just flown by. I swear the older I get the faster the months seem to go by. I’ve been working a lot lately so I haven’t been able to try out many products. I’m also trying to save for my vacation in April to Savannah. I can NOT wait.

So for the month of October I only have a few favorite things!


Lorac Pro Palette: I swear if you haven’t picked up this palette you are missing out. It comes with 8 matte shades and 8 shimmer/satin shades. They are incredibly pigmented! The design of the pallet is super sleek and thin so it makes it ideal for traveling. I actually find it better than the Naked palette.

Mirenesse Glossy Kiss: I received this product in a Birchbox a very long time ago and just threw it in with the rest of my makeup and was like eh red lip stick. i didn’t think I’d be able to wear a red lip at all. But, when I was going through all my makeup and throwing away things that had expired or things that I just didn’t like anymore I found it. This lipstick/lip pencil what ever you want to call it is just amazing. it is smooth, creamy and isn’t heavy on the lips.

Stila liquid lip gloss:  Another red lip item that I received in a Birchbox.  The pigmentation is INCREDIBLE. The lipstick goes on incredibly opaque. Something that is labeled as a “liquid lipstick” I always thought would be a little sheer or not that opaque. It is a bit hard to remove. Once it is on..it is ON!

Lately I’ve been using the Mirenesse Gloss Kiss and the Stila liquid lipstick to create my “perfect” red lip. The applicator on the Stila liquid lipstick isn’t that great to create clean lines so I use the Glossy kiss pencil to line my lips and fill them in and, then put the liquid lipstick on top.

What are some of the products you’ve been loving this month or for the fall?


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