I Heart Fall Tag!


Favorite Fall Lip Product: I am absolutely loving red lips this fall. I was never one for red lips and thought I could never pull them off to save my life. I must say, I thought wrong! hahaha. I’ve been loving Stila’s liquid lipstick in Beso. I’ve also been loving Revlon’s lip stains and anything berry colored.

Favorite Fall Nail Polish: Sadly, I don’t wear nail polish. I have a terrible nail biting habit that likes to come and go. I’ll let my nails grow out and then…I bite them off. Gross, I know.

Favorite Starbucks Fall Drink? Oh gosh, where do I start. I LOVE the pumpkin spice frappuccino as well as the chai frappuccino.

Favorite Fall Candle? I love anything pumpkin scented. During the fall I’m more of a warm, spicy, food/fruit scented candle girl. Bath & Body Work’s candles are just amazing.

Favorite Fall Scarf or Accessory? Scarves! I have so many scarves it isn’t even funny. Although, my favorite is just a plain grey infinity scarf. It goes with anything and keeps me warm. I live in the south so once it dips under 70 degrees I’m FREEZING! I love bundling up sweaters and scarves during the fall.

Haunted house, haunted hay ride, or haunted corn maze? Haunted hay ride definitely. I’m such a baby when it comes to scary things though. I’ve never been through a haunted corn maze. It sounds absolutely terrifying though!

 Favorite Halloween movie? It’s a tie between Halloween Town and Hocus Pocus. Anything on ABC Family’s 13 nights of Halloween I love. Like I said before, I’m not big on scary movies.

Favorite candy to eat on Halloween? Eh, I know this will sound boring but, I’m not big on sweets. Every time I eat something sweet I get terrible stomach aches. Although, give me a piece of chocolate I’ll be happy. One “Halloween” candy I hate is candy corn! Gross! That stuff is like PURE sugar and kills my teeth whenever I bite into it. I have no idea how anyone can eat it. Hmmm, can I count candy apples as a Halloween candy?

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?! NOTHING. I can’t remember the last time I got all dressed up for Halloween. Sadly, I’m going to be stuck at work until 9pm that day. Boo! Usually I just sit at home waiting for trick-or-treaters to hand out candy too. I do enjoy seeing all the kids in their costumes.

What is your Favorite thing about Fall? Ah, where do I start. Fall is my favorite season! I’m originally from Massachusetts so growing up seeing the leaves change colors was just amazing. Now that I live down south the colors aren’t as vibrant. I’m also not a fan of the hot summer heat or the freezing winter cold so fall time is where the temperature is just perfect. I love how during the fall there is so many fairs and awesome things to do. Can we just talk about how AMAZING the air smells during the fall. The air is so crisp and clean smelling. Also, I love carving pumpkins and making pecan pie and pumpkin pie.

I could go on and on about why I love fall but, I think I’ll just leave it at that. hahaha.


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