Birchbox: June

It’s that time of the month! I received my Birchbox pretty early this month. I usually receive it after the 10th which is pretty exciting! I’m happy with my birchbox this month. I know a lot of people are getting tired of perfume samples but, I rather enjoy them. I can never justify spending money on perfume and my sample collection is running a wee bit low. I really wish I got some kind of perfume sample this month.

This months Birchbox is based upon their 4 favorite cities in the world (Barcelona, New York, Paris and London.) They also teamed up with Color Club to make some nail polished based on those four cities. Love nail polish, can not get enough of it.

Also, I noticed that Birchbox redid the description card. There is now a brief description of the product and how to use it.


Before I start, can I just point out the chevron design on the inside of the box! So awesome. haha.

Lifestyle extra: they sent us the Sugar-free Glee Gum – 12pk $11.95

I swear to God, that this has to be the most expensive gum I have ever seen. It is all natural which is good. But seriously, who spends 12 bucks on a pack of gum. I did try a piece. Tastes just like every other minty gum out on the market. I do appreciate the gum birchbox. 

29 Cosmetics – 29 Preserves skin care collection: An antioxidant-rich and “eco chic” skin care collection $68 – $175

I absolutely suck at buying skin care products. The samples of this product are pretty pitiful I must say. They come in a little set of 4, in this strip of plastic bubble things. Kind of reminds me of the things pills are kept in. Looks like I will only get 1-2 uses. Birchbox claims to send samples which you could use 2+ times. I’m going to try this out though. 

Birchbox + Color Club nail polish:  Full size will cost $8

I’ve been looking for a nice pastel/neon orange and thanks to Birchbox I actually have one. I’m in LOVE with this color. I’m looking forward to wearing this color! They say that it will be opaque in 2 coats. 

Beauty Protector:  It is supposed to lock in color and detangle your hair. I know a lot of people received this last month in their boxes. I did wish that I received it last month. But I got it this month yay! $21.95

I haven’t got a hair cut in a few months and my hair is getting a wee bit long so I am getting tangles. Anything that says it will detangle I am all up for trying. 

And last but not least…..

Antica farmacista body moisturizer: Another lotion ugh! I have a ton of lotion from Birchbox! However, it does smell delicious, exactly like a grapefruit! $25

I swear every month I get some kind of lotion, I’m not complaining but I have racked up quite a bit of lotion samples. I never use them sadly. I throw them in my sample box and they just sit there. I’m not one for lotions really. I will buy them and they will sit under my bathroom sink and collect dust. I have a couple from bath & body works I’m trying to use up but it is taking FOREVER!

They also included a little set of post cards that are so adorable. I’m going to set them out on my desk for some inspiration. Maybe some day I will be able to travel to London, Paris or Barcelona…I’ve never really wanted to go to New York.


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