The Table

I was so excited to FINALLY get a chance to visit this place. The Table is a bakery, market, as well as a restaurant. I’ve visited it 3 times now since it has open. I live in a smallish town in the middle of North Carolina (where the North Carolina zoo is) so when anything new opens it is ALWAYS exciting! So one day after work I decided to visit.



The inside of this place is so bright, airy and so elegant looking. It has this huge chandelier right in the middle of the ceiling…it is SO gorgeous,

The three times I’ve been in there the food has been delicious. Well, the desserts have always been delicious. They do serve breakfast and lunch but I’ve yet to go there for breakfast. Image

Those croissants, are just utterly amazing! Seriously, one of the most delicious things I have ever ate in my life. Every time I go, it is so hard to decide what I want to eat. It all looks delicious!

For all who don’t know, I have a very bad coffee addiction, so I tried their iced coffee…and let me just tell you, it is like everything else…delicious. The coffee they serve is organic, so that makes it even better!


The staff there is so incredibly friendly. The owners are always there working and talking to the customers and trying to get to know them. This place is seriously just what this town needed.



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