Take me back: Wrightsville Beach

So in April I took a much needed beach trip to Wrightsville beach. For any of you that don’t know where Wrightsville beach is, it is about 15 minutes east of Wilmington, NC. Wrightsville beach is a little “town” filled with BIG beautiful beach houses…it does have a couple hotels on the beach though.


Now, the time I went it was rainy and windy and somewhat cold…which I believe is why it was so awesome. The beach was pretty much empty, there was a few people flying kites and walking along the beach collecting shells. The best time to go in my opinion.


I’m not one for crowds AT ALL. I actually freak out and have anxiety attacks when I’m around a large crowd which is why the only two times I’ve been to the beach, it has been off season.

The last day I was in Wrightsville a rain storm was rollin’ on in…so I decided it would be an awesome idea to go down to the beach. It was sort of a dumb decision because I ended up getting wind burn on my face from the 50mph winds and pelted with the sand. But, nonetheless, I will never forget it. It was so fascinating seeing the wind push the sand and the sand make little zigzags as it traveled down the beach. It was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.


(This picture doesn’t do it justice AT ALL.)

There is this HUGE house that is at the south-end of Wrighsville beach, RIGHT next to an estuary. I am still incredibly jealous of the person that lives there. 1. They have an incredibly nice house and 2. it’s right next to an estuary!


It was so incredibly peaceful to just sit on the beach and just listen to the ocean and not having to see ANYONE around me. I didn’t even care that it was cold, rainy, and windy. It was just me and the ocean.

I honestly can not wait to go back!


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