Summer must haves: Fashion

Summer is on it’s way…well here in the south, it is already here. It’s already been in the 90’s and it isn’t even June. In the summer, I love to wear light colored clothes and dresses. I’m not even kidding, in the summer I LIVE in dresses….I even sleep in them.

I’ve tried narrowing my list down to just a few articles of clothing and accessories that are essential for this summer.


I am in absolute LOVE with stripes this season. From shirts to dresses and even pants. I can’t help but be a wee bit biased on stripes since the nautical trend is so adorable!



I am in love with this lace trend. It is so girly and feminine and I can’t help but love everything that has a little bit of lace.


I’m also loving polka dots!


Nothing says summer more than rose gold. From Forever21 jewelery to Kate Spade and Michael Kors. Rose gold also looks fantastic on bronzed skin.



Studs are absolutely everywhere this season. From head to toe…literally. I love how studs and spikes add just a little bit of edge to an outfit. I’ve been lusting after a pair of Sam Edelman shoes. Oh If I could justify spending that much on a pair of shoes.


What are some of your summer must haves?


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