Mini Haul: Caudalie & Tweezerman

Birchbox was kind enough to give me $10 credit since I received a broken item in one of my Birchbox’s. I must say, their customer service is awesome so thanks Birchbox! So, I went onto and of course spent ALL the points I have accumulated within the past few months (I tend to be VERY bad at logging in and writing reviews to get the points.) I also was able to receive free shipping, which is always a plus!

I have INCREDIBLY dry skin, no matter if it is winter or summer so, I’ve been looking for some kind of moisturizer that will work. I found that they had the Caudalie Divine Oil so, with some of my points I bought it. Hey it was pretty much free so what did I have to lose?


I have a feeling this oil is going to make its way into my everyday face care routine as well as hair care. The oil can be used on your face, hair, and body whenever you feel like you need just a little boost of moisture. It doesn’t feel greasy at all, and it absorbs quickly into your skin leaving it incredibly silky and moisturized. The oil contains grape (rejuvenates and nourishes), hibiscus , sesame (soften and moisturizes) and argan (restores the skins natural protective barrier) oils and also Caudlie’s unique anti-oxidants. It has a very subtle floral/refreshing smell to it. It smells  absolutely AMAZING! Ive been mostly using it on my face as well as my hands since, I have my hands in water A LOT at work so they tend to be VERY dry. It also works VERY well on your cuticles.

And, of course I HAD to buy some tweezers. I seem to ALWAYS lose them. One minute they will be on my counter in my bathroom. and then all of a sudden, I can’t find them ANYWHERE. They also seem to like to find themselves in my trashcan so I think I might have thrown my tweezers away..yikes!

Have any of you tried the Caudlie Divine Oil and what did you think of it?


2 thoughts on “Mini Haul: Caudalie & Tweezerman

    • The bottle I bought with my BB points cost about 200 points or maybe 100. I can’t remember if the tweezers were more. lol I looked through the free shipping section.

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