Eating Raw

For the past couple months I’ve been debating (yes sadly, debating) on changing my diet…again. Let’s back track a little bit. A few years ago I weighed over 350lbs. I never really noticed exactly HOW big I was until I had to take my measurements for a prom dress. So, after I graduated high school, I changed how I ate and lost well over 80lbs. I also lost about 20 inches off of my body. My weight has gone up and down these past 4 or so years.

Lately I’ve taken little baby steps in changing what I eat or cutting things out of my diet and I’ve noticed how much my skin has cleared up and how much better I feel. But, I know that I can eat even more healthier than I already do. So, recently I have been debating about eating a raw diet. I’m not one to really care about meat, so I know it won’t be that big of a deal for me; however, not being able to have coffee is going to KILL me. I live on coffee since I have to be at work EARLY in the morning. Also, I live in the south so I live off of sweet tea…which I also won’t be able to drink. I know this is going to be VERY hard and also a very drastic diet change but, I’m up for it.

I’ll keep y’all filled on about how it goes and some awesome raw recipes I find on my journey.


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