Comodynes Self-Tanning Towelettes

I’ve always been completely afraid of self-tanners. I always thought I’d end up turning orange and having to stay hidden in my bedroom until the orange went away. Well, a couple months back I received the Comodynes Self-Tanning Towelettes in a Birchbox. They sat in one of my old Birchbox boxes underneath my bathroom sink for a couple months. A week ago, I decided to take them out and see if they performed as well as they say they were supposed to.



The towelette comes completely soaked in the self-tanner; however, the self-tanner is clear. I had no idea if I was applying too much in one area or if I had completely covered my arm. Luckily enough, I had evenly applied the self-tanner. I didn’t end up with streaks, or with one arm more tan than the other. They don’t have a strong self-tanner smell at all, which is a good thing! It does dry a bit sticky, but doesn’t rub off on your clothing. After about 3 hours, the color developed and I was at least 2 shades darker; however, I ended up turning EXTREMELY orange. Throughout the day my arms did  get a bit darker. I ended up becoming at least, 3 shades darker. A tan I would NOT be able to accomplish laying out in the sun since, I can’t sit still or lay down long enough to accomplish in one day.

The next day the orangeness had went away, and I was left with a nice golden brown tan. It has been about a week now that I have tried the towelettes and the tan is still very noticeable. Comodynes instructions do advise you to reapply every 4 days to maintain your tan.


I actually really enjoyed these towelettes (24 hour orangeness and all,) and my self-tanning experience. Overall they aren’t that bad and I would recommended trying them out if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on self-tanners. I would advise you to buy the 8-pack which will run you about $18.00 to see how they react with your skin.


Easy to use

Dries quickly on the skin

Odor is very mild

Long lasting results


Clear self-tanner so you can’t tell where, or how much you’ve applied

Tends to dry a bit quick which can cause streaks

Depending on your skin type you can turn orange


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